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28 January 16 - New Inflatable Products

Inflatable Products Grow in industry.

As a bouncy castle hire professional and with the seamlessly easy integration of air building technology bought buy some of the larger manufacturers like airquee. The inflatables industry has seen Disco domes and party Marquees over the past 5 Years. So how do you stay one step ahead as a bouncy castle company? You really need to anticipate and follow what the top manufacturers are producing. The latest product that seems to be attracting attention is the inflatable nightclub. This is basically a disco dome in all essence but without the bouncy castle bed. It allows for tables and chairs but still contains the lights and disco speaker. Allowing for a nightclub experience in your own back yard or wherever your have the space. These units come in a range of sizes and research has found that these inflatable nightclubs are In high demand with teenagers and older kids alike.

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