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About Us

The Bounce Generation Entertainment's has a dedicated team of passionate employees who love providing the best and most trendy products to the market. It takes a certain type of person to be able to take on the responsibility of ensuring many children’s parties or any events in general are not ruined. There is no such thing as a day off in our line of work! As far as we are concerned. We can assure you that if you have made a booking, and we have confirmed it. Then we will bend over backwards to ensure it goes to plan with no hiccups.

We have recently launched the bounce generation, although that’s not to say we have no experience in this field. The joint owners Luke and Rick have been involved in inflatables and soft play hire for many years. They have provided for charity events, school fetes and even to Queens Park Rangers youth academy! Quite an impressive CV if I say so myself.

Who named it the Bounce Generation? What you will find is a lot of generic names for companies in this line of work. We spent weeks trying to find a name that would stick and is not used multiple times across the UK. The bounce Generation means two things. We are responsible for the generation of Bounces by providing top quality inflatables and we provide to a generation that loves to bounce and have fun with bouncy castles

Who Works at Bounce generation? The joint owners are very conscious people Ricky and Luke are the brains behind the business. Ricky and Luke are dedicated to providing the best products and are genuinely a safety conscious so will not put out anything we deem to have not been sufficiently tested. Even in situations where the weather is so poor that we cannot provide a delivery for safety reasons. We are hands on owners and like to deliver in person to give the full customer experience. However on occasions where we cant we have a dedicated team to make sure every day goes as planned with either the help of Jamie, Chris, Paul, Joe, Jordan or both the Dan's. All we know is our team will above and beyond for any and every customer of ours.

We can Offer some great deals if more than one product is booked at any given time with a bouncy castle hire. Call our team on 0800 058 8085 or 07090100212 for more information or use our contact us page