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The Bounce Generation providing Bouncy Castles for hire now at Hillingdon

We totally enjoy each and every moment of working at this ancient Parrish suburb of Hillingdon. The Hillingdon Court Parks has a vast landscape which is a sight to behold.

Only one thing completes the vast greenery and that is a colorful bouncing castle. The people of Hillingdon, especially their kids, can now experience a great outdoor party that is fun and safe.

The Bounce Generation provides you bouncy castle hire Hillingdon services. From our side, we ensure that you and your family are completely safe inside these bouncy castles. However, you should take some precautions as well, so as to ensure these bouncy castles serve you properly. Always make sure that you take off any sharp gadgets or pieces like eye wear, before entering the castle. These are inflatables; and you do not want to be poking at them.

Bouncy Castle Hire in Hillingdon rules

Again, as per rule, no drinks, Bubble gum or food are allowed inside the bouncy castles. As you know the Bouncy Castle Hire Hillingdon will be used by others as well; hence we would want to keep them as clean as possible. We know that the residents of Hillingdon are cooperative as they have proved to be very friendly.

The Bouncy Castle Hire Hillingdon serves as the perfect treat to your guests. You can arrange an entire event inside one of these castles. However, make sure that no more than the number of people recommended is on board anytime on this castle.
On the fun side, you could also get one of those bouncy castles which are bouncy-cum-sliders. To make the sliders work best you could have some water flow on them so that they get slippery, thus reducing friction. We bet this can be a lot of fun for the kids.

However, you should never put anything greasy on these bouncy castles as these tend to make them very unusable for us.
Other fun ideas include making paddle ponds in the corner of your garden with the bouncy castles. These are really fun items which you could play with at the comfort of your home, or throw a party into – so it serves an all fulfilling purpose.
We know that the residents of Hillingdon are fun enough to try these. So what are you waiting for? Choose any one from our list and get in touch with us to book today. bouncy castles to hire for all ages and tastes

we actively cover the whole of the UB postcode area. Hillingdon Testimonials we also provide bouncy castle hire pinner and surrounding areas

UPDATE - Bounce Generation are please to offer party hire in hillingdon. please check out website for cakes, mascots, and inflatable games all coming soon